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If you're in the market for a high-quality floating boat lift, look no further than High & Dry Boatlifts. Their proprietary intellectual property design and engineering offers a dry boat storage solution that is not only affordable but also user-friendly. With unparalleled protection and peace of mind, their unique "SYPHON" launching and lifting mechanism allows you to leave your float unattended for long periods of time. And now, High & Dry is offering even more options with remote control and color coding to your specifications. Don't wait any longer, request a quote or check out their product video today!

High & Dry Boatlift is a Patented designed and engineered dry boat storage solution aimed at making dry boat storage affordable and user friendly so everyone can use it.

The protection and piece of mind it offers you are unrivalled in the industry. It’s unique "SYPHON" launching and lifting mechanism enables you to leave your float unattended for long periods of time.

High and Dry now also offering Remote Control option.

High & Dry Boatlifts ensures:
• You have less marine growth on your boat, eliminating anti-fouling and thus better fuel consumption and speed.
• You can launch and retreive your boats in seconds so no more spending time launching boats on trailers when you could be on the water.
• Galvanic corrosion is a thing of the past leading to longer engine life.
• Increased resale value of your boat.
• Reduced maintenance time and cost on your boat.  | 

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Locations: South Africa, Canada, Seychelles, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, Qatar